Top 6 Women Body Language Signs She’s Attracted to You

Alex Barnes August 1, 2012 Comments
Top 6 Women Body Language Signs She’s Attracted to You

How to tell if she’s into you

How do you tell if a woman is attracted to you? Women are programmed to be a lot more subtle than men when it comes to showing off signs of attraction through body language. Some guys are notoriously bad at telling whether a woman is attracted to them sexually and hate it when they get rejected. It can do massive ego damage when you misinterpret fake signals from a woman, spurned when you thought she was into you.

Woman are complex and often give out mixed and confusing signals, so how do you tell if she’s really into you? How do you know whether you should ask her out for a date? In this article we will explore the body language signs you should pay close attention to.

There are of course ways to make her want you more, but these are the top body language signs to tell if she’s attracted to you.

She plays with her hair

Women subconsciously mimic certain body actions when chemicals of attraction are activated in her brain. A sure sign that she is into you, is when she starts playing with her hair and gently stroking you during conversation. Twiddling with her hair and touching you are her way of using body language to tell you she likes you.

She blushes when you’re around her

Pay particular attention to her eyes and lips. Men often associate a warm glow on a woman’s face as a sign of discomfort and embarrassment. In reality, her blushing rosy cheeks are an indication of strong sexual attraction to you. As a woman becomes sexually aroused, chemicals are released into her blood stream, lighting up her face and making her eyes and lips appear fuller. As the blood rushes to her cheeks are a strong sign that she is attracted to you. She’ll also look repeatedly from your eyes to your lips to let you know she’s interested in kissing you.

She’s concerned for your well being

Should you “accidently” spill your drink or drop your wallet, her reaction should determine whether she feels a connection to you. If she is quick to dry you off and help you out, it is likely she is attracted to you. However, if she dips her head, raising her hands to her eyes or has no reaction at all, she’s repressing her maternal instincts and it is unlikely she feels no connection to you. If she is super hot and you think she may be out of your league, there are tricks men can use to punch above your weight with hot girls.

She’ll mirror your body language

When a female is attracted to a man, she unconsciously copies his body language. This is an instinctive reaction females have developed through evolution to make them more attractive to males. So, how do you know what to look for? Watch out for her mirroring your body language by putting your hand on the table and seeing if she does the same thing. Checking to see if she picks up her drink and takes a sip the same time you do. Change your body position to see if she mirrors it by changing her body in the same way. When you lean forward, or increase you blink rate, does she react in the same way? If she does, you’ll know she’s interested in you sexually.

She starts preening

If she takes out her makeup and start applying her lip gloss or fixing her eye lashes, she is trying to look her best for you. Watch her body language for brushing or adjusting her hair and clothing, playing with her jewellery, or vanishing to the ladies to fine-tune her appearance. Additional signs that she likes you are subtly sucking in her stomach and sitting or standing up with an improved upright body posture and pushing out her boobs. Preening herself and amending her physical appearing are her subtle way of engaging in flirtatious behaviour and telling you that she’s interested. Test this out by offering to buy her a drink and as you head to the bar, look over your shoulder to see if she is checking you out. ;)

She angles her head sideways

One of the best ways of determining whether a woman is interested in you comes when she tilts her head to the left or the right. This is an instant indication she feels relaxed and secure around you. Tilting her head towards you is a sure-fire way of telling she feels comfortable around you and is interested in pursuing another date.

To sum up this article, with some additional extras, here is a quick checklist of womens subtle body language signals men need to look for to tell if she is interested pursuing a romantic relationship. This way you will greatly reduce risk of rejection and a damaged ego.

Summary of Body Language Signs She’s Attracted to you

  • She repeatedly glances from your eyes to your lips.
  • She laughs at things which aren’t funny.
  • She touches / strokes you.
  • She faces her legs, feet or body in your direction.
  • She leans in toward you during conversation.
  • She plays or twiddles with her hair.
  • She plays with her jewellery or caresses her glass with her fingers.
  • She keeps eye contact with you.
  • She copies your body language.
  • When you’re checking her out, she smiles back.

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