22 Ridiculous Stag Do Dares and Challenges List

Alex Barnes July 12, 2012 Comments
22 Ridiculous Stag Do Dares and Challenges List

Ladometer have compiled a list of suggested stag do dares and challenges to complete on your stag do night out. You can even download and print the 22 ridiculous Stag Do Dares and Challenges List to take on your stag night out. Each dare on the list must be witnessed by one of the stag lads crew and the stag is only allowed to forfeit one task on the list.

Ultimate Stag Night out List of Challenges

  1. Get your arm or T-shirt autographed by 10 sexy ladies.
  2. Switch tops with a random girl in the bar for half an hour.
  3. Wear your pants over your trousers, and shout I’m SUPERMAN when a trigger word is said.
  4. Persuade a girl to give her you her bra and wear it.
  5. Stand on top of a table and screech in a high voice, “I love my mummy!” Three times.
  6. Attempt to get in a bar with your shoelaces tied together.
  7. Do 15 press ups in the bar.
  8. Attempt to order drinks in a foreign language.
  9. Down a drink in one.
  10. Kiss an ugly girl.
  11. Kiss a sexy girl.
  12. Kiss a MILF clearly over the age of 45.
  13. Tell a girl your most secret sexual fantasy.
  14. Go up to a group of girls and perform the “David Brent dance”. Star by opening with, “Evening ladies, I will be your entertainment for tonight. This show is free.”
  15. Go into the Gents and stand next to another guy in the urinal, look them up and down and say, “Could you use a hand?!”
  16. Down a girls drink, then offer to buy her a fresh one.
  17. Sing, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, Aerosmith to a girl at the bar with all your mates.
  18. The Ron Burgundy. Go up to a girl and with a straight a face say, “Do you know who I am!? I’m kind of a big deal”.
  19. Chat up line. Ask a girl her name. When she answers, reply; “Your name may not be Alice, but you certainly come from Wonderland”. ;)
  20. Put your finger through your fly and start a conversation with a girl and when she tells you her name, burp it back to her.
  21. Get a photograph with a police woman signing your arm/ shirt.
  22. Get a full frontal private dance from a stripper, funded by your mates.

Complete 15 of the 22 Dares

We have given you 22 stag do challenges, but in reality you are only going to have time to complete 15 of them on a night out. When 15 of the boxes have been ticked, the stag shall be immune from buying any more drinks for the remainder of the night and will have earned top lad honours. Should less than 15 tasks on the list not be completed by the end of the night, the stag lad may incur a penalty of being dropped naked in the middle of town and left to make his way home.

Download and print 22 Ridiculous Stag Do Dares and Challenges below

22 Ridiculous Stag Do Dares and Challenges
Stag Do Dares and Challenges (PDF 1Mb)

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Disclaimer: Ladometer takes no responsibility for any of these tasks landing you in trouble so have fun with them remember they are only suggestions!